Alias(es) James Stark, Sandman Slim, Abomination
Gender male
Race nephilim
Status alive
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Stark is the protagonist of the Sandman Slim series of novels written by Richard Kadrey. His full name is James Butler Hickok Stark and he's the great-great-grandson of Wild Bill Hickok. He is also known as "Sandman Slim, the monster who kills monsters."

He is covered in scars received from 11 years in Hell, each of which acts as protection against an attack similar to the one that caused the scar.

He is half human and half angel: a nephilim. Doc Kinski: "Hell hates you for being more than a human and Heaven hates you for being less than an angel." His father is Doc Kinski, the fallen archangel Uriel, the Guardian of the Earth.

He and Candy are a couple.

He has a fondness for Hell-sourced Malediction cigarettes ("It tastes like a tire fire in a candy factory next door to a strip club"), black with silver tips, and Aqua Regia liquor, so red it’s almost black and served in a square tumbler ("goes down smooth, like gasoline and pepper spray").

His Hellion weapons include Azazel's knife, known as the black blade, and the na'at. The black blade can be used to start stolen vehicles and pick door locks. The na'at is an intricately machined weapon with teeth, spikes, and spines that can be configured into a whip or a spear via triggers, and when fully extended via spring-loaded mechanism is ten feet long. "The name is a Hellion joke. They call a na'at a 'thorn' because its full name, na'atzutz, is the kind of bush they used to make Christ's crown of thorns."