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Sandman Slim
Sandman slim cover
Publication date Aug 2009
Published by Eos / HarperCollins
ISBN Amazon 978-0-06-171430-6
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Kill The Dead
Sandman Slim is the first book in the Sandman Slim series.

Jacket Copy Edit

Sandman Slim has arrived—a wild and weird, edge-of-your-seat supernatural roller-coaster rider that propels author Richard Kadrey to the forefront of the fantasy, thriller, and a host of other literary genres. This spellbinding, utterly remarkable tale of a vengeful magician/hitman's return from hell is part H.P. Lovecraft, part Christopher Moore, part Jim Butcher, and totally, unabashedly dark, twisted, and hilarious.

Plot Edit

This book traces Stark's return to the land of the living after spending eleven years in Hell. Stark seeks revenge on the members of his magic circle who betrayed him and are responsible for his decades of torment.

His time in Hell has made him tougher and more powerful. He spent his time down under in the gladiatorial pits and serving as the private hitman of the demon Azazel.

He tracks down Mason Faim the leader of the magic circle and defeats him, sending him to Hell.