Mason Faim
Gender male
Race Sub Rosa
Status dead and gone
First appearance
Last appearance

Mason is the man responsible for sending Stark to Hell previous to the events of Sandman Slim.

Mason is the son of Ammit and Gabriella Faim. He and his younger sister were both born in Los Angeles, California. In tradition of many Sub Rosa, Ammit was ambitious and wished to build his legacy. As there was no competitors, Ammit began trafficking drugs. Before long, he was the supplier of most of California's marijuana, meth and ecstasy.

However, this was not enough for Ammit, and he brought his family to Burma in order to expand his business and gain control of opium. Once there, he made connections with a general and the valuable poppies were planted. As they grew so did the wealth and status of the Faim clan.

At this time, Mason was about 7 or 8 years old. Young Mason's life was radically altered one day when rebel armies ambushed the camp. The general's army was unable to defeat the attackers and despite being a skilled magician and murderer, Ammit was unable to protect his family. This was due to antihoodoo spells placed on the site. After massacring the soldiers, the rebel leader went in to kill the small American family. However, a shaman travelling with the rebels saw something within Mason. He pulled Mason away as his family was butchered with machetes then fed to the dogs.

For years, Mason was off the map, living in the jungle and learning dark magic from the shaman. Eventually, he was found by UN officers and brought to the U.S. embassy then LA. Now, at 10 years old he is sent to live with his aunt and uncle. He is enrolled into a private Sub Rosa school and is hastily pushed out as he shows the shaman's magic. The young loner leaves for three months. Not a word is heard from him and it is later revealed he exacted his revenge on the rebel army.

He now wants to burn the universe down like he burned down the mountain.